Tööstuspargi põik 2
46601, Vinni, Lääne-Virumaa
+372 5624 7800
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KMKR: EE101926517


Peterburi tee 47/1
10412, Tallinn


Tööstuspargi põik 2
46601 Vinni, Lääne-Virumaa
+372 505 6753


Villu Kukk
+372 5660 1194

I´ve been working with wooden element houses since 2014 after graduating civil engineering studies. During my studies and work I have learned that exactly wooden houses can be built easily, cheap and in quality and creating an energy efficient home at the same time.

Veiko Koppe
Authorized architect
+372 514 7540

I have been working with wooden houses since 2003 and I know how to create the best solutions for customers. Throughout the years I´ve seen all the process from planning to assembling and this has given me great practical experiences to use in my work.

Since 2009 I am authorized architect in Estonia and since 2011 in Norway. Together with our team we can create the suitable project for you, that we can carry on together.

Margus Nisumaa
+372 505 6753

Since 1993 I´ve been active in sales as a salesman as well as leading the sales team. Since 2004 I have been working in building sector. Since 2006 I have dealed with factory built element houses. Since then I have been Marketing Manager, budgeting projects and managing the company.


Helle Liivar
Factory Assistant
+372 5624 7800

I am working as assistant in Production House and my duties include answering to customers through e-mail and phone, inserting data, managing staff related questions. This is the advantage of working in a developing company – days are busy and filled with different tasks, friendly and professional colleagues.